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Adam Bałdych & Helge Lien Duo – Istambuł (Turcja)
Cze 14@20:00

Adam Bałdych & Helge Lien

Adam Bałdych and Helge Lien are musicians who never cease to find new ways of realizing their identities. They both record for prestigious labels such as ACT Music label or Ozella Music and play concerts all around the world. Not only they perform as a duo but also with different projects and also together as “Bridges” – Adam Bałdych & Helge Lien Trio.
Adam Bałdych and Helge Lien are not afraid to draw inspirations from their compositions, filtering it again through their own sensibilities and personalities. The result of it is a unique, consistent and well thought-out blend. Together they prove that a very classical duo of piano and violin still is an uncharted territory, brimming with possibilities. The musicians virtuosity as well as their sensibility allow for an exquisitely interesting artistic dialogue and uninhibited improvisations.